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Avectas is a cell engineering business, enabling the manufacture of cell therapies. The SOLUPORE™ technology is a patented non-viral, cell engineering technology that permeabilises the target cell membrane and allows efficient transfer of cargo into cells whilst retaining very high levels of cell viability and functionality. The SOLUPORE™ technology is versatile and enables delivery of nucleic acids such as mRNA, DNA and proteins, including gene-editing tools such as CRISPR.

The SOLUPORE™ cell engineering platform achieves excellent engineering efficiencies in a variety of cell types including primary T cells and NK cells for immuno-oncology and gene editing applications. Avectas is currently partnering with immuno-oncology and gene editing businesses to deliver their proprietary molecules. Avectas is also seeking therapeutic molecules to in-license as the core of a therapeutic program.

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Team Members

Gillian Hendy

Gillian Hendy

Director of Business Development


Shirley O'Dea

Chief Scientific Officer


Michael Maguire

Chief Executive Officer