Agenda at a Glance

Summit Day 1 - 14/9

Summit Day 2 - 15/9

Summit Day 3 - 16/9

Summit Day 4 - 17/9

Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat

Late Breaking Abstracts

Late Breaking Abstracts

Keynote Presentations from FDA & Novartis

Virtual Speed Networking





Developing Safe,
Controllable CAR-TCR

Achieving Optimal Cell Fitness

Setting Up Effective Infrastructure to Support Trials

Disruptive Innovation in Cell Therapy Analytics

Refreshment Break & Tech Slam

Innovative Target Identification to Define Clinically Beneficial and Safe Targets

Translational Experience with Allogeneic CAR and TCR Therapy

Managing Growth Strain on Clinical Settings

Scaling-Up for Late Stage Trials and Commercial Capacity

Refreshment Break & Apheresis Panel Discussion

Refreshment Break & Diversity in CAR-TCR Panel Discussion

Refreshment Break & Poster Session

Refreshment Break & Virtual Speed Networking

Novel Construct Design to Tackle the Solid Tumor Microenvironment

Benchmark Clinical Biomarkers to Determine Safety and Efficacy

Running CAR-TCR Clinical Trials during a Pandemic

Facility Design to Enable Scale Up and Flexibility in Demand

Next Generation Gene Engineering Approaches for Enhanced Specificity

Strategies to Manage and Prevent Toxicity

Improving Accessibility for Patients Globally

CMC and Quality Control to Develop Robust, Reproducible Therapeutic Products